Allow Cross-fades Between Scenes

Being able to set a cross-fade (ramp time) between scenes would be very useful. Sometimes you want to ease into new settings rather than jump to them.

This can be done with an expression pedal, but in that scenario, you’re locked into a scene. The freedom to move to any scene smoothly is not possible with just an expression pedal.

This is one of the Kemper’s strengths (morph), and I think it could be implemented on the QC rather cleanly.

Ideally, the enter and exit times could be set per scene.

I agree, this is fantastic on the Kemper… would love to see this implemented also!

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Great request!! Absolutely agree

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Thanks Neutrobeast! If you don’t already know, there is a ‘vote’ button near the title of this suggestion — pressing it will help the community (and Neural) notice it, which increases our odds of receiving the feature :slight_smile:

Hey Tian! I noticed that your vote hasn’t been counted yet — if you’re still into this suggestion, clicking the vote button near the title of this post will help this suggestion be heard.

Ok done!!!cheers

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