Adjustable/parametric wah

Searched but couldn’t find an existing request so here goes: an adjustable wah, where you can set at least Q and sweep range. That would be like a “swiss army knife” covering a lot of wah needs for people. Many “boutique” wahs have been made by tweaking a few basic parameters or by providing switching ability.

Compare to wahs such as Dunlop 535Q, Xotic Wah, Area 51 Custom Wah, Dunlop Crybaby GCB65 Custom Badass Wah etc.

So a wah where you can set (listed in decreasing importance):

  1. Q frequency
  2. Sweep range
  3. Toe up/down frequency and possibly boost
  4. Perhaps overall gain/boost
  5. Perhaps inductor type: red Fasel, yellow Fasel, “Stack of dimes”, Halo etc. (This would be really cool but is probably the most difficult!)