Adam Jones (Tool) presets

Hello everyone and thank you for hosting me in this fantastic forum.

I wanted to ask you if anyone has ever gone to work recreating Adam Jones tones, that’s something I really wish I could try. The great thing about plugins is that you can play to simulate tones without having to spend millions on hardware already.

Thank you all for the support you will be able to give.

Oh, I really want to have a good Tool sound. But I don’t know exactly what amps he use

Diezel when I saw them in Indianapolis in 2019.

Diezel VH4, pretty sure

I have gone and created his presets, so far I have about 3-4. Let me make a Google drive Folder to share with you, and when your ready to grab them, go for it!!

Hello, new to this but was wondering if there was somewhere i could find these Jones tones? Thanks!