AC/DC - Touch Too Much


I’m proud to let you listen to AC/DC - Touch Too Much on my Quad Cortex.

The preset is very simple but seems effective…

I play the rhythm parts of Angus (on the left) and Malcolm (on the right).

I don’t play the two solos (I’m not a soloist…).

If you like it (or not), please let me know :slight_smile:

You can listen to it here: Ma Playlist - Pascal et ses covers

On my website most of the tracks are also made with the Quad Cortex.

PS: I’m French, so please forgive my language mistakes…

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I just listened to it. I really liked it and the tone sounded great! God bless.

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I also just added Green Day - Basket Case in the same page: Ma Playlist - Pascal et ses covers

Thanks to QuadCortexTones :, I used his preset named: Wizard MCII > but I tweak it to suit my needs.

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