Ability to reassign footswitches

I want to be able to reassign a footswitch. At the moment I use footswitch E to send a midi message to stop and start the autoscroll on my iPad.
If I’m in scene mode and am on footswitch F, I might want to stop my autoscroll but I would have to press footswitch E which would be set up for a different sound. So I would like to be able to reassign footswitches so one just controls the autoscroll without affecting my scenes/patches.

At the very least, we need to be able to re-assign the top right and middle switches away from patch up and patch down. It’s too easy to hit them by accident.


Hello, how do you do that Scrolling pages on your iPad? Do you need adapters?

No I do it via midi Bluetooth and use the CME widi master

Folks, at this point there are MANY requests at this point for assignable footswitch functions. Please go here: