Bypass scroll buttons PlEASE & Idiot proof tip

Hey! I’ve only had my QC about a month. I love it! And…
I would love to be able to bypass the scrolling buttons. My perfectly normal size feet tend to accidentally switch patches mid-song. And I have a friend with the same issue.

My idiot-proof solution is to copy and paste my presets above and below so even when I switch accidentally, it’s still the same patch.

Sorry if i mis-tagged or put this in the wrong spot. I’m new to the forum. Again, I love this thing. okay bye

Hi @KBeezer, welcome. There are already a lot of requests for expanded footswitch functions–the general consensus is that users want to have much more control over footswitches, which includes the ability to deactivate some footswitches entirely. We want “the whole kitchen sink”.

Hopefully Neural will work on this desired full feature set after they release plug-in compatibility with version 3.0.0.

Here are the two requests I typically refer other people to: