A univibe effect

I’d love for the Quad Cortex to have a uni-vibe! NuVibes doesn’t sound like a uni-vibe to my ears. I don’t know what that’s based on or supposed to sound like.


There is one already: NuVibes

I love the UniVibe sounds … i use the MXR, DRYBELL, Hendrix Mini, Fulltone … but in the Neural I cant find the right way to make it sound.

Some help ?

well, you can always plug one (or many!) of those pedals into the effects loop of the QC.

also, consider trying the NUVIBEs effect.

You got my vote. Nuvibes is fundamentally different from a real univibe sound. Just try this to see for yourself: Play a lead line high up on your guitar. The NuVibes (depending on settings) is either completely unaudible or barely effecting the higher notes. It is only audible on lower frequencies while higher frequencies stay intact. So forget about playing those soaring Hendrix bends and anthems on NuVibes. QC definitely could use a proper univibe effect.

This is not to say that NuVibes doesn’t sound good or isn’t useful. But it is not exactly what a UniVibe is.