Will the Quad Cortex have a morph function or equivalent?

I am a long term user of the Kemper with remote for live use. I have been impressed with the Cory Wong plugin and would be really interested to get the Quad Cortex if it worked for live use in a similar way to the Kemper remote. On the remote I have 5 amps in a single performance varying from clean to heavy, with each amp having up to 4 stomps/effects that I can turn on/off and a lead boost that I can get with a single click using the morph facility. Morph is used by me and a lot of other kemper users to switch between a rhythm and lead setting when playing live. It can be used to increase volume and some extra gain and delay with one click. Will the Quad Corex be able to do this, or something similar?

Snapshots should cover that use case right?

An interesting feature of morph is that you can use an expression pedal to go between the two states, don’t know how the QC approaches expression.

Yes another way is to set up lots of snapshots/presets for every combination of amps, pedals, effects and volumes you want to use and that works well in a studio, but live I don’t want to be scrolling through banks of presets. Much simpler to just have 4 or 5 amps, each on their own footswitch within 1 bank and all volume balanced for playing rhythm parts. Then add stomps/effects options to each amp on other switches and a morph to jump to a lead setting for each amp. Really simple to use live and very flexible to cover a wide range of songs.
The Kemper remote does all this really well and i would be looking to get a similar set up out of the quad cortex for live use if possible.

I would think parallel chains with a splitter block in front would be a good approach. Could tie an expression pedal to the splitter so it can ‘morph’ between the parallel signal chains, or toggle with a footswitch.

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Good point, in the Kemper you’re limited to one signal chain of course. So the need for this feature is not there so much when you have multiple+mixers.

Right, so between scenes - which can be used to adjust block parameters like for a lead boost, or expression pedals which can also be assigned to block parameters to achieve same, or as mention above with splitters- all the above mentioned scenarios should be achievable with the tools available at launch.

Please explain how this will work in practice if I want to click a switch once to get a rhythm tone and the click the same switch again to toggle to a lead tone. Thanks

Not sure. I would think at some point they’ll allow for a/b scene toggle on a single footswitch. Would be a waste to, in scene mode- click a switch to activate a scene- but then have that same footswitch have zero use while that scene is active.

If they have / add that kind of ‘toggle’ functionality to their scene and preset modes, it will allow you to do exactly as described and basically double the usefulness of each switch, so even if not at launch (no one knows yet) - at some point they’ll have to implement something like this.

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I’ve an 11 Rack, AX8 and a Kemper Stage; bought in that order. I’ve moved away from the Fractal (declined to buy the FM3), to use the Stage as my go to player. I’ve not created any profile with the Stage but extensively used profiles by such creators as Britt, ToneJunkie and TopJimi (Love his BE profiles).
Without doubt the Kemper Morph has become a major part of my set up. No lag, clicks, blips that I experience when clicking the foot switches, no problems matching volume differences - I so hope the Quad has the same seamless ability, and I don’t have to imitate Fred Astaire tap dancing as I run through 5 or 6 different sounds in a song.