Where is the Bogner Harlow aka "Hairlow"?

The Bogner Harlow is the best booster/compressor pedal I know. It was listed in the virtual device list of the Quad Cortex as “Hairlow”, but hasn’t appeared yet on the Quad Cortex. Or did anybody here make a capture of it?

there are 3 captures on the Cloud of the Harlow, but they’ll only impart the tonal flavor of the pedal not the compression effect itself. Hopefully we’ll see those initial pre-release models added eventually.

Thank you, but where on the cloud? I couldn’t find them.

If i search
I see three captures in cloud

Thank you, I was blind. How nice! Even if these captures only contain the “tonal flavor” this is already something. I like the Harlow a lot as a kind of quick and dirty EQ. So may I ask just out of curiosity why it is not possible to have a capture of the whole thing? Is it because the Quad Cortex is only able to work with captures of amps and overdrives?

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that is correct. Time- or pitch-based fx and compressor/limiters/gates are not processes that capturing can successfully interpret. Fuzz pedals also involve some aspects that make them difficult to capture too; you can get their tone but not the compression/clipping/gating effects. Even some amps are notoriously hard to capture accurately because of similar variables

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