When searching the Cloud

Seems when searching the cloud database for a specific user, I don’t see all the patches and captures they have made available. Only a few are displayed.

However, when I search for a specific patch or capture from them it is found. I believe I have always been able to search a user and see all their work to browse through. I do not have any filter setting set for searching.

I think I know what you mean, I think I have the same problem.
When I search a username and click on it, I only see the public captures but not the ones shared with me.
When I search for the username, but click on captures, I see all of them.
Difficult to explain…

When I click on the username here, I only see the public captures.

When I click on captures, I see all of them:

Interesting. When I do the same thing I get 2 presets and 46 captures from amalgamaudio. However, if I search for a specific preset or capture from them by name it appears in the search results. It will not be in the preset or capture option from the username search. This way unless I know the specific name of the file to search for I will probably not see what the users inventory of work will be.