Volume: Level vs Master

Hi, i’m a beginner in amp settings and have a possibly silly question: in Nolly’s amp theres a master and a level knob, what’s the difference between these two? The manual says that master knob control the “overall” volume of the amp and level knob the “output” of the amp but i can’t understand what’s the difference.



The “Master” knob controls the overall volume of how the amp processes your signal, but is independent from the output volume. In other words, you will feel more “drive” coming from the amp when you crank the master volume up, but the actual sound you hear wouldn’t be louder. It can be used to sculpt your tone further, as it accentuates your amp’s processing in the signal chain.

The “Level” knob allows you to control the output volume just like you would adjust the actual volume coming out from a speaker.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much Vale!