The Blue Corner Club 💙

A comfy lounge and safe space where we can all discuss anything positive about the Quad’e Cortex’e (charming Italian accent pronunciation). Every outlet goes, as long as it’s positive.
It’ll possibly be chaotic sometimes, but use the personal reply feature and @ tag frequently. We could of cause also ride themes for a certain period. Give your suggestions. This could possibly fan out to new topics you make, inspired from here.

Please leave the ego in the wardrobe.


In case you wonder about the name The Blue Corner Club, it stems from the little quirky, charismatic “defect” in the QC display that can be seen on many units from a positive angle. :wink:

It’s inspired as a little hint/pointer to yours truly for being off-topic and inconsiderate to vulnerability in another thread.

In other words it’s the light of the QC heart shining through.:blue_heart: