Tape distortion? Feedback return/send? Trying to emulate my Axe-Fx 2 patch


Kind of esoteric, but recently got a quad cortex and am trying to port some of my Axe-Fx 2 patches. One I’m struggling with is based on the “Echo Deva” preset, which has a crazy chain that puts two modulating delays between a feedback return and feedback send at 30% level, and pipes that into a dual chain of filters/drives/amps, etc.

I got somewhat close by splitting two delays, having one at 100% wet, and the other at 50%, and keeping feedback around 30%, but I think the drive is really the main obstacle, as the old patch uses a Tape Distortion with drive set to 10, and I can’t seem to find anything that I can crank like that and get a sound that isn’t too overdriven.

So I guess I’m throwing it out there, if anyone knows what I’m talking about, and can help me reproduce this sound wholesale, or can point me in the right direction for dialing in a similar Drive at least. Or if it’s something the neural capture can handle?

If any uploads would be particularly useful, lemme know and I can accommodate.


capture the tape drive block from the axe fx