Small request related to setlists

Great to see setlists get added so we can all organize our presets better, One small thing I feel should be added is the ability to rename the default “My Presets” folder.

My presets are now getting organized across the folders I have made, so would be nice to edit the name of the “My presets” to make it relevant to what I want to place inside it.

I think you should rename the topic to make it more appealing. Maybe something like: Possibility to Rename Default Folder “My Presets”

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Good Call, Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s possible to rename topics?

Should be, I just did recently.

Maybe I am being blind but I cant see the option anywhere

There should be a pen right next to the title. But maybe it has to do with trust levels and you cannot yet edit titles?!? Anyway, you could also just delete this request and make a new one, since the only two people who voted so far are you and me. :wink:

Yeah I tried that, but says I dont have the permissions to delete lol


Maybe just ask the admins to rename or delete…

Flagged it for an admin to do

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