Scene Footswitch Behaviour

Running my QC in hybrid mode with Stomps and Scenes - allowing me to activate additional stomps within a given scene.
Would love for the QC to reset the state to the perviously saved Scene setting when pressed again (but not requiring me to change to another scene).

i.e. I am in a “Clean”, I turn on all 4 stomps available in the hybrid mode - a distortion, delay, modulation and pitch shift effect.
I would like to just press the “Clean” scene again to revert to the previously saved scene settings. Currently this doesn’t happen regardless of selected “scene behaviour”. I either have to manually turn off the stomps, or go to another scene and return to the “clean”.

I can’t seem to get this behaviour, am I missing something?

I think what you are referring to is the scene bypass state behavior which can be set within settings>device options>scene bypass state behavior etc.

That isn’t doing what I want - the Scene Bypass Behaviour seems to only apply when switching between scenes. Not when you press a scene switch for a scene you are currently in.
Or am I missing something?

this might be a cool feature request. when you reengage a scene that you’re in after changing things within the given sceen it reverts back to it’s original state.

Sorry, I misunderstood the issue and agree, this should be submitted as a feature request.

There are already some requests for “secondary” or “page 2” footswitch functions… If implemented, this could fix your problem.

Yes, that certainly seems close, although probably more involved than I am looking for.
I don’t want a secondary function (in this particular instance), simply just for the scene to “return to original scene state” whenever pressed.

How to do you elevate this to a feature request?

You simply submit your request within the Feature Requests section.