Request: Classics OD - Drive - Fuzz pedals missing in quad cortex

Hello, some classic OD - drives - fuzz are still missing in quad cortex. I know that many of these are in captures but it is not the same.

Some suggestions

  • Analog Man King of Tone
  • Hermida Audio Zendrive
  • Colorsound Overdriver
  • Pro Co Rat
  • Ibanez TS-10
  • Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive
  • Boss DS1
  • Tone Bender
  • Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
  • Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
  • Arbiter Fuzz Face

some of those ARE modeled in the QC already;
rat = Rodent drive
big muff= soviet fuzz
fuzz face = facial fuzz

I would suggest to download and review the current manual which includes the current models and captures. Also, please post for each feature request as its easier to follow when implemented.