Real names of captures?

I finally got around to checking out the new factory captures and I am completely lost. There are so many with so many names. Is there a link to what all of those names mean? Line 6 started it all with cute names for their models but some of them were so silly I could not figure out what they were referring to. They always have a place to go to decipher the names. Does Neural DSP have this? What is StormVerb or Aggi or Teabird?

This is an easily searchable database:

It’s also in the manual

(The TeaBird is a hand built germanium treble/fuzz circuit. Aggi= Aguilar)


StormVerb = Orange Thunderverb

The QC lists the devices that are modeled and I have checked it out. I was more looking for a listing of the captures. I know that Aggi is Aguilar and thanks to DiffractionCircuit I now know what the StormVerb is. My question is about a master list for the captures and not modeled amps.

The best reference for this is the current manual starting on page 105 which includes all captures and models (with real names they are modeled/captured after/from) as @Xush stated prior.

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Am I right in thinking that although the new icons for showing captures show what the type of capture is in Grid View, when you search the directory they are not categorised in to type of Capture (ie it is all just one long list, you can’t view the Captures by Amp, Overdrive etc?)

You can filter by Type of Capture, and also sort by type of capture, but only if you use the ‘Directory feature’.

Tap on the name of the current preset, go to the Capture folder, search for a capture, tap on it and the Preset grid will display some ‘+’ signs where you can add the selected capture, additionnaly it will display ‘double-arrow’ on blocks that can be swapped with the selected capture …

It would be easier and more flexible if the search functionnality would be implemented everywhere (like in the ‘Change device’ menu, or more importantly - at least for me :grin: - in the IR block when you want to change an IR file …) it should be an ‘obvious’ quality of life enhancement, but NDSP resources are limited, so the ‘Feature Request’ of this forum is the best way to be heard !

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:+1: Thank you…