Quad Cortex Automator for Ableton Live

Quad Cortex Automator for Ableton Live: https://blog.abletondrummer.com/quad-cortex-with-ableton-live/

Setting up automatic preset and scene changes for the Quad Cortex via Ableton Live can be very time consuming as you always would need to ‘translate’ MIDI CCs and Program Change Messages to the to right values. IF you want to program automations quick and easy you can check out the “Quad Cortex Automator” plug-in / Max for Live device for Ableton Live. It gives you the same visual interface like on the Quad Cortex and is pretty self explanatory to set up.

You set up automations in Arrangement View and in Session View. Especially if you are using Session View, you should check it out as it will overcome the limitation of only sending Program Changes natively on clip starts - with the Quad Cortex Automator you are able to change Presets and Scenes of with playing clips and scenes of Ableton Live.

More info here: https://blog.abletondrummer.com/quad-cortex-with-ableton-live/


Is there a way to get this on BitWig, since I don’t use Ableton Live? (I dual-boot Windows and Linux and need DAWs compatible with both OSs, and Ableton didn’t care to make a Linux-compatible version.)

Hey - unfortunately there is no easy way to re-patch Max for Live devices to different DAWs so this is kind of an Ableton Live thing only atp.

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