QC sounds oversaturated

Jist an update, I have not find the “trick” to get tones I like yet, but I find something interesting about the “saturated” sound.

When I use my shecter KM 7 MK IIII with Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow Custom Humbucker active pickups the sound is saturated, but when using my ibanez JS1200 with DiMarzio FRED passive pickups the sound is not saturated.

Hace somebody been in this situation and what settings would you recommend to mitigate the saturation?

Maybe adjust the impedance settings to taste.

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Because those active pickups have higher output so it’s sending a hotter signal and compressing the sound as would a real amp with hotter pickups.

Just as a side note: after playing an analog amp for some time and not using the QC, I‘m quite surprised about the compression that seems to be going on in the QC. It feels like a lot less headroom, even without having a compressor block in front of the amp block. Comparing through a guitar cab with cabs/IRs bypassed on QC, not FRFR. It’s just my impression, far from a scientific test, though.

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