QC ordered

Hello all! I put my order in this morning for a QC (from Sweetwater). Right now I’m running an FM3 and FC6 together. I have zero complaints about the FM3 or Fractal; awesome unit, awesome company. My name is getting ready to come up on the FM9 waitlist but I’ve decided I need to explore the QC. One of my main reasons are size and weight; the FM9 is 12 lbs and takes up a lot of space, the FM3/FC6 combo is even heavier and a bit bigger. I got into this to make things smaller and easier and faster. I can put a QC on my small board with a few of my favorite pedals (which I may not ever need) and run it in a variety of setups and it’ll be a smaller footprint and much lighter.

Another reason was I REALLY want to get into the capture game. I have some great amps and I have access to a LOT of really great amps with all of my friend and colleagues.

So I’m diving in. Yeah, I’ve read all about what some consider to be “shortcomings” but I’m all good. My digital needs are pretty simple. And if I don’t dig it as much as my FM3, at least I’ll be able to say I tried.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you; I’ll have plenty of questions LOL!


Welcome aboard. I went from the Fractal (great - but a tweekfest) to an HX Stomp (didn’t care for the amp sims) to a QC. Never been happier. All amps sold now. Sold most of my pedals with just a few listed still. Kudos for not getting wrapped up on the ‘shortcomings’. I love my QC. Never going back to the piles-of-gear mentality. You’ll be able to dial in useable tones in a fraction of the time. Small footprint - yet simple and powerful. Great choice.


Welcome to the community and congrats on the purchase!

Welcome aboard! Got mine for the same reasons mostly and haven’t looked back. Love this thing!

The modeling is really good, but holy cow the captures sound great! And that’s just the Neural captures. This is gonna be fun!! My first capture will be my 78 JMP 2203. Not sure when I’ll have time though. Busy week.


Yup. There are some sick captured out there too. The Sweetwater ones are a great place to start on the cloud!