Plugin recommendation - tightest high gain sound

Hi Neurologists,

I am looking for a plugin that can achieve that super tight, scooped old school Thrash Metal sound á la Metallica (Master Of Puppets, And Justice For All). Which of the Neural DSP plugins has - without adding a boost in front - the tightest and most aggressive sounding amp sim? Is it one of the Fortins?

Oh, unfortunately I already demoed the Fortin plugins a couple of months ago. Only for a couple of minutes, and then forgot about them… and now I can’t demo them anymore. Therefore, I have to rely on recommendations.

You should demo the Nolly plugin, the third amp is a Peavey 5150-type sound which will suit thrash metal riffs perfectly… no boost needed, but the plugin does have 2 of them included.

The Fortins have a more modern sound to them. However, the Fortin Nameless is the most aggressive and tightest, since you asked. Again, I recommend trying Nolly before making any decision.

Nameless is absolutely what you’re after.

Nameless has a characteristic high end which you cannot get get rid of completely. It can be a good thing or bad depending on your purpose. But for “old schools” sounds you seek i strongly recommend Nts. Have the Nolly. Couldnt make it sound good. Ppl swear by it and somehow make it sound amazing. You can try.