Plini presets

Just bought a quad cortex and wondering why plini has taken down his presets.

He is one of my favourite artists and I was really hoping to try out his tones. Seems like a bit of a shit move on his part.

first i hear of this… now im curious if he dropped neural or something else.
for a second i thought it would have to do with the cortex shop but it would make no sense for featured artists to make their presets private

just saw plini is on the fractal artist page… not sure if it´s an old thing but does anyone know if he uses fractal or QC on tour?

He was definitely using an axe fx before his neural plugin was released. What he uses on tour I do not know but I’m certain fractal haven’t made him take his presets down since he started plugging neural After he was featured on the fractal website.

as of January this year, the second guitarist in his band confirms all 3 of them are using QC’s and haven’t used Fractal since '19.
It’s in the comments section of this official NDSP video: Plini - Electric Sunrise, I'll Tell You Someday, Cascade | Live at Finnvox Studios - YouTube

not sure why the presets are missing though. Maybe he’s working up new ones.

I feel like they were removed before Christmas. I’ve been watching the Finnvox video lately and i feel like the glimpses of the presets shown are different to the ones he had in the cloud, but it’s been a long time since I have seen them. Hopefully he’ll put something new up soon.