Pedal Request: More Phasers. An engine or Boss PH-2 would be fantastic

Modulation and delays can’t be captured. Phasers specifically really need some love in the catalog of modulation FX. We have two. Two phasers. Could we please get some phasers that can get really whacky if you want to? The Boss PH-2 with it’s two modes would be a great addition. Or, a phaser engine as you did with chorus and flange. I really can’t fathom why it wasn’t released with those.

Agreed! Would love to see more phaser options. Small Stone, MXR, Boss. They each have some cool mojo


Yep. Even the late 90’s Ibanez line of phasers had a lot of variation. The PM7 is a monster.

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Love every one of the Mutron phasers! Including of course the iconic Mutron Bi-Phase.


I 10000000% vote for phaser engine

Yes please!! I have a japanese PH-2 in my QC effects loop. I like the Phaser in the QC but PH-2 is unique.