Output to stand alone cab


New user here so apologies if this is a dumb question. I can output as normal to my studio monitors via my IK Multi Media AXE I/O Midi Interface. Sound quality is is great. However, the other reason I bought the Quad Cortex is to output it directly to my Stand alone Hughes and Kettner TM112 cab. My intention was to use this as an option. It’s normally used with my Grandmeister Deluxe 40 amp. In my simple mind, I was expecting to be able to swap the speaker cable from the Amp to the Quad Cortex.

I’ve tried it in all the available out sockets on the back of the Quad Cortex, selected the correct output option in the signal chain, but I get zero. Nothing - no sound at all.

Am I missing something obvious here? Surely the Quad Cortex should be able to output to a cab. I am assuming there is a pre-amp in the Quad Cortex?

Any help gratefully received.



Hi. The QC is not a power amp. You’ll need some sort of power amp to drive the cab. You could try plugging it into the fx return of your grandmeister, for example