Moving Presets and Cleanup

Whoever thought about the method to move presets and cleanup the preset banks should not be allowed to sit at the big table. This is really bad and not well planned. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve deleted some but then moving them so there is no gap and clearing up banks is ridiculous.

OK, follow up to this…

After playing around a little more I realized I had missed altogether the clippers for cutting and pasting. whoops.

After I found you could cut, paste (to different block layers as well) it was easy.

I was moving and renaming which didn’t seem right…because it wasn’t.

Cleaned and re-organized. Feeling much better.

Send that auto-engage on the wah and I will be good for a while.

Drag and drop in that menu would be even nicer … :slight_smile:

Cheers, Todde

What “clippers”? I need anything that will help organize the mess my QC has become!

When you left swipe the second icon from the left is scissors/clippers. They will help with moving - cut/paste/swap places.

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Sorry third icon…

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