Morgan Amp Suite Not Picking up Guitar

I’m on my third plugin trial. I’ve had the Tone King and Mesa Boogie plugins with no issue. Last night I installed the Morgan Amp suite and it’s not picking up any input from my guitar. When I load the stand alone or inside a DAW, I don’t get any sound and the input meter doesn’t show anything. I’ve gone back to the Boogie which has a few days left on the trial and no issues, sounds great.

I can’t find a settings button, like the gear wheel on the Mesa Boogie, to adjust anything. What could I be missing? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, same result.

Sounds like your settings on your audio interface may need to be adjusted to match the input of the plugin for proper gain-staging.

With the UI design the settings are located at the bottom ribbon of the screen

Turns out it is only recognizing channel one of my interface. The other two neural DSP plugins didn’t have that issue. So I switch my guitar to channel one and it worked but sounds awful.

All of my settings seem to be appropriate, my interface is fine, other plugins (neural DSO and otherwise) sound fine. Everything single time is incredibly woody with no clarity. All presets mostly sound the same except for gain levels and wet effects.

I’ve read the manual, watched tons of videos. I’m at a loss here