Indicator of downloaded cloud content

When going through the list of cloud content, you have no idea of what’s on your device and what’s not. Provide some indicator that a preset / capture / IR has been downloaded (e.g., replace the download button with a “Downloaded” text box).

When downloading, this would also provide an indicator that the download is complete, vs. the ambiguous return of the “Download” button.

This is annoying to me as well. It would be great to have an indicator of what has been downloaded onto the device and what has not.


A little “Sync” button would help, instead of clicking on “download” and keep track in mind of what is downloaded, what is not.

And perhaps a send to unit button on quadcortex cloud app. If QC is connected to cloud, it would download automagically.

A download “missing captures profiles” when selecting a preset would also be greatly appreciated.

The UI is easy and simple, i know, but the mental overload of all the process is far from optimal.
NeuralDSP should hire a UX specialist to help them good direction.

The product is super nice but the software need some more love, the overhead on the process of downloading new tones is really a major turnoff in my opinion.

If it doesn’t feels nice and easy, people will not chose this product over another.