Hybrid mode stomp options

Just as many other users, I can’t wait for CoreOS 2.0 and hybrid mode.

I’m already making plans in my head for how I will set it up and that’s when this thought came through.

For me, scenes in the bottom row and stomps in the upper row is the best solution. But the more I think of it, the more I feel like I would need an option to determine the state of a stomp.

For example:

In scene E, I activate a boost on stomp A, when switching to scene F I would like Stomp A to go back to bypassed. But, say I activate a delay on scene E with stomp B, when switching to scene F I would like the delay to still be active.

For this I think the easiest way is to add an option for every stomp that gives the possibility to chose if the stomp should be scene only or “global”. Global in this case means that it’s still active after switching scenes.

“There’ll be a new setting in the device options that allows you to set whether it’s always pervasive / never pervasive / not pervasive when using footswitches or MIDI while in Stomp Mode or Hybrid Stomp Mode”

This what support has said is changing in that regard for 2.0. Kind of sounds like it’ll be an either/or situation

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