Humbuster fractal cable with Quad Cortex


I was wondering if anyone tried an humbuster cable from fractal with the QC, and if there is any difference with a normal cable.

does the QC support humbuster output?


It should support the humbuster as it’s just a TRS to TS correct? I know people make their own but what would you need it for? Are you having issues with hum/noise?


I’m not having any issues with sound, I just had that cable around and wanted to know different opinions about it , I don’t know if is better to use it or if it doesn’t matter :wink:

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Understood! I would assume it should work. Feel free to reach out to as well unless someone provides more details here. I would be curious as well!

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I use this (homemade) when I use the QC with my amp in 4cm. I made a pigtail with a female jack to use with my regular guitar cable.

I use output 3/4 (TRS) to the amp (TS). It makes a subtle, but noticeable clarity in tone for me with improved dynamics. It should improve any connection that requires TRS to TS.

This could be just my setup though, YMMV