How is your QC set up? 🤔

Of course, all your answers help!

I understand that for a session player as you it’s not that important to have one page with all your needs for a band since you’ll be in a studio environment. Last night I had what I hope was my last gig with the Kemper Stage and the changes are so fast that there are some “sets of songs” that wouldn’t allow me to change the bank with those 300ms of audio-drop. But we will see since next Tuesday arrives my QC :upside_down_face:

I just recently transitioned from Kemper to QC. I am extremely pleased with the tones I am getting out of the Quad with some slight exceptions. None of the cab sims sound very good so I am using IR’s from York Audio. Brings everything to life. Taking full advantage of the Hybrid Mode switching too. Kemper is up for sale after a month with the QC. Feel free to ask any questions. QC also takes up a lot less real estate on the floor.

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Mine’s set up on my desk, which sucks because then I don’t use the foot switches. When I put it on the floor I don’t want to bend over with the guitar in my lap to adjust anything :man_shrugging: