Help cleaning up my guitar tone to not sound like mud

so, I’m running a solar 7 string with active pickups and a rock smith cable. i have the Petrucci plugin and when I try using some heavy distortion it sounds muddy and very processed. I’ve tried messing with the EQ, but it only makes things fuzzy. my computer is pretty decent, so I don’t think is a CPU problem. if it’s the rock smith cable than any other suggestions on anything better

I would try using a dedicated interface.

any recommendations for an interface that’s good for guitars

Personally, I use the QC as my interface as it integrates perfectly with all my needs for routing but that might be overkill for you if you just need to use for playing plug-ins. Since there are too many to choose and or list here, I would recommend to take a look at Sweetwater or equivalent and review their audio interface products for sale and read their corresponding feedback. Presonus, RME, Focusrite etc., are some of the most reliable interfaces with low latency etc., but depends on OS, computer specs as well.

Ok thanks I just looked at some and found the scarlet solo to be the best budget option

Focusrite makes some great interfaces, check out the feedback on those interfaces you are interested in and or chat with one of Sweetwater’s sales rep to learn more and good luck!

Try using less bass. Bass tends to make distorted or high gain sounds muddy. Then check your signal chain for something that might be doing something unexpected.