Headphone hiss

My in and out levels all look good. No hiss from out 1 or 2, but my headphones when plugged into the headphone jack have a background hiss. Any thingts?

I had that too because the headphones were set in the plus. It could be I had done that myself, but nevertheless, you may want to check that out.

  1. Swipe from the top down to go to the I/O Settings
  2. Tap the headphones icon
  3. Set the HP level. (I set mine to -12.0 dB)

Obviously, you have to set the overall volume louder. However, the hiss should be gone.

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Pretty sure that the QC power supply isn’t grounded, so connecting an output to ground will solve this I think. Test it by touching the qc with a finger, if that stops the hiss then I think it means its a ground issue. If that works, then take an XLR or jack out to a pre amp or amp thats plugged into the wall. Doesnt need to be on or anything, just connected to earth. That worked in the UK for me.

Yeah this is annoying af for me too. I basically never use it with headphones because of the hiss, hopefully this is sorted in 2.0 or there is a new power supply at least.

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