Head Phone Question

Wow, a mono 1/8" to 1/4"-don’t see those to often. Go easy on yourself, we all make rookie mistakes, even us “seasoned rookies”. :crazy_face: Yes, please let us know what phones you ordered and how it works out.

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So my Beyer 770 Pro 80ohm came in today. And WOW!! What a difference. I’m seriously amazed at how clean and clear they sound. I was testing them out and found that I’d been playing over an hour -

I’ll call the problem solved. Equipment/user error’s… Not the QC



Good news! Gotta love a happy ending. :man_dancing:


Do you need to have the volume really high to hear well with those headphones? On my headphones (Sennheiser HD660S2 and AKG K701), I need my QC up at like 65 on the volume knob to head the headphones at a level I would compare to lowish levels (around 20) when listening through my speaker cab and the QC. I’ve checked the levels on the headphone output and they are nearly all the way up so it’s not that.

Hey, sorry for the delayed response - I just saw this. I really don’t. Everything is pretty balanced and not dimed. They carry volume pretty well.

Same here. My ATH50s are plenty loud at 12:00 on the volume knob. The volume of your presets will have a big impact as well.