Guitar Amp or Monitors?

Hi, i’m currently using Nolly and Fortin plugins through my guitar amp as the output (Blackstar HT1), i think it sounds very well but im thinking if it would be better to put two studio monitors on the output instead of a guitar amp, something like a presonus eris 3.5 or mackie cr3. There would be a noticeable improvement in sound quality?

Studio monitors will have many advantages over just using the MP3/Line In on your practice amp. Look at it this way: would you mix an entire track using that single Blackstar HT1 speaker or would it sound better on flat response speakers in stereo?

I use monitors. I have a 2 4x12 cabs but never use them as they are expensive benches now. They need to much power and because of the impedance its hard to run them efficiently and then they get too loud. I have animals in the house that run when I play! I use Edifier S3000Pro monitors. 80w and I cant stand it even at 1/4 volume. Plus they are flat response which your not going to get with an amp or cabinets.

This may not be traditional, but I have two Bose S1 Pro’s. I use them for literally everything I do. Guitar stereo amp, PA system for small indoor gigs, computer monitors, personal bluetooth speaker for music listening. Their low power enough to cover the computer monitor scenario (though a bit large for that), but the crazy amount of flexibility is something I love.