Granophyre or NTS plugin compared to Fryette/VHT Pittbull Ultra Lead or Wizard amps

I am curious if anyone has any experience with the Fryette/VHT Pittbull Ultra Lead or Wizard MTL amps and can provide some thoughts on how the Omega Granophyre and/or Fortin NTS compares (thinking Neural plugins but the real amps would certainly qualify for a comparison as well).

I came across someone who is an owner and huge fan of the Ultra Lead and also owns 3 Wizard MTLs and a Modern Classic MCII as well. And he has the Grano on the way now as well because of its apparent comparability to these other amps. Also, I have been listening to demos of the NTS plugin, and I hear a comparable amount of dry, tightness, immediate responsiveness, aggressive in your face mid range grind, low mid emphasis, etc. as these other amps as well.

If the Grano or NTS really are very very similar to any of these options, then it has the potential to settle my GAS for these other amps. I already own a Wizard Modern Classic I MCI and Mesa Mark IIC+, and I have preordered the Quad Cortex. I am waiting until the QC arrive before doing any trials of the Neural plugins so I can test them out alongside captures that I will be making of my own amps and against the stock QC models. Until that day arrives, I have had a hard time keeping myself from lusting at Ultra Lead and MTL demos. Would love to hear some comments that could settle me down a bit, or perhaps keep me going haha.