Global EQ is disable on a preset


I’m testing this presets

When I choose it, the Global EQ get a red blinking line and it’s disable…

Don’t know why?


Check here: Not enough CPU when plenty of CPU

Ok thanks, so it’s a sort of bug if I understand well… :frowning:

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Not a bug. Global EQ gets turned off automatically when there is too much DSP power being taken up in the top two rows. The preset you’re working with is very full there.

You can try rearranging some blocks to the bottom two rows to lighten the load being taken up by the cores which handle rows 1 & 2. I’m not going to get involved in the discussion that’s already happening about why NDSP decided to assign Global EQ to those cores exclusively, but you can go here and vote:

But to reiterate: not a bug.