Fully customizable footswitches with gestures / detach FSW controls from actions

I would love to have multiple layers of footswitch controls as next level hybrid mode (per preset and maybe also globally), comparable to Fractal’s FM3/9 concept.

Typically I would use FS E-G as amp selector switches (scenes) and FS A-D for stomp boxes. This reduces the amount of stomp boxes accessible. If I could choose between using a FS as a) scene selector, b) stomp box c) MIDI CC and d) for displaying another layer of stomp boxes, it would give me tremendous flexibility.

When adding gestures to FS (single/double/triple tap, momentary vs. latch, hold >1 sec etc.) it would multiply the options.

Continuing from here, also “virtual” footswitches would be very cool!
Say I carry an aditional MIDI Switch to larger venues, but can have the same functionality without it in smaller venues. The core switches could then be extended by another 10 stomp box switches on the extending midi board.

There are already a bunch of requests for new footswitch functions. Please go here:

Thanks for the hint @DiffractionCircuit! … maybe I’ve used the wrong search terms… :slight_smile:
… I will close this topic :grinning:

i know it´s closed but as someone who hasn´s used FM3/9 what are the funcitons you speak of?
The whole double tap triple tap, hold, etc for different functions sounds awesome, is that what you mean or is there more to it?

This video gives a brief overview of the Fractal ideas… (they actually call it layouts not layers, my bad!)
… double tap is as you understood it. But maybe then for switching layouts …
… I only do not like Fractal any longer, because you have way to many options to edit amps, which steels my time when I simply want to have a “Lead Amp” that sounds good.

NDSPs Plugins demonstrate it perfectly. I don’t need the label “this is a Marshall #34 modded by etc.”, I would be happy only having an “clean Amp” and a “distorted Amp”. Everything else only distracts to much from creating presets in my opinion.

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