Freeze block update/addition

Freeze works great. 2 things missing that could be useful (especially for swells)

  1. trails on/off (no more hard breaks)
  2. mix % thats assignable to expression

These 2 things alone would make swells so much easier.

*side note - mix% (assignable to exp) should be on everything. Solve alot of wet/dry lane mixing issues.

Im lovin my QC! Its a keeper. This thing has so much potential.

Trails works already - adjust the release time and it will slowly fade out over that duration.
Are you sure mix isn’t assignable to expression already? That seems unlikely, but I’m not sure.

There’s “dry gain” and “freeze gain” which can both be assigned to XP, should be able to control mix levels from there. I usually put a rev or delay after the Freeze if I need LONG trails/slower fade-outs

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@tomfs & @xush, I stand corrected. Thank you both for assisting me. My ignorance has no bounds. Lol.

There seems to be no need for this request. Do I delete it, let a moderator close it, or let it stand for future reference? Last advice?

Thnx again. This little box does a LOT. It’s sometimes hard to wrap my head around, never mind trying to remember, it all.


that’s what’s great about these forums and groups, the QC is so deep- none of us can know it all! These are great resources for anyone looking for workarounds or solutions.

A moderator will probably decide what to do with this thread. It’ll be a good archive for anyone with the same question in the future.

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