Free guitar pick with QC

Hey guys. sorry if this has been asked before but I’d like to ask a probably silly question.

what type of pick is the free pick I got with the QC lol. Started using it recently as I’ve lost all my picks and damn, i absolutely love it. normally im a jazz 3 user but I’m enjoying this bigger wedged shape pick. Where can i buy this shape/thickness?


Hi @flamen89 and welcome to the community! I am not 100% sure but it feels the same as my .60mm Dunlop picks. I would send en email to and they should be able to give you the pick specs etc. Sorry, I haven’t been asked that question yet and its not silly! :slight_smile:

I’ll leave it open in case someone has definitive input.


thank you for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard! And I felt the EXACT same way you do about the pick! I could be wrong but I found it was the closest to the Dunlop Tortex FLOW picks. I loved it so much I ordered a bunch haha. I ordered the 1.35mm tortex Flow, 1.5mm non-tortex harder Flow, and 1.35mm Tortex TIII picks. I’ve always been a jazz III guy and like the larger size a bit plus the shape makes it really easy to alternate pick and fly on the FLOWs. And it lets you get the rakey style fat chugs on an amp like a rectifier while still being tight for amps like the Herbert/Mark series.

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absolute legend thank you! I’ll look into ordering some! it’s weird, i find the bigger size of the pick seems to make hybrid picking feel extra comfortable. i also like the texture of it. could just be a correlation/causation fallacy thing though.

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Yup. I couldn’t believe I’ve never tried or heard of those picks in my 25+ years of playing guitar! :rofl: