Feature suggestion for all Plugins

Possible to implement the post effects section with optional DAW output busses ? This would be for DAW application only.

Basically creating a Wet/Dry/Wet in the DAW and one could mix / automate the stereo wet via faders similar in a live context where players blend in their effects with a volume pedal.

In the DAW the dry could be processed separately and or bussed to a favorite user DAW plugin, reverb, delay etc … and still have the Neural plugin post effects intact on their own.

In Toontrack drums room mics, ambience mics etc can be extracted from the mixer section and sent to individual fader channels. Incorporate that idea into the post effects section in the Neural plugin suite :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

You can basically already do this with any DAW; just route your signal into a separate bus and open another instance of the plug-in there. Then you can activate or deactivate whatever effects inside that plug-in instance. Easy peasy.