Factory presets gone?

I just got quad cortex today.
When I start up, I could see all the factory presets.
But after upgrading CorOs to 1.1.0, I could not find any factory presets.
So currently when I startup, initial preset is
1A Unsaved
Is there any way to restore factory presets?

I think that is normal, same for me. The factory presets are saved in a different setlist than your own ones.
Try following:

  • On the grid, click on the title of your preset (e.g. 1A Unsaved) to enter the directory
  • On the left side search for “Factory Presets” and select it

There you should find all Factory Presets that you have seen in the previous version

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Thank you!
I could find the factory presets by following your advice!
And now I can reuse them!

Yeah, I believe it just goes to your first unsaved preset etc.