Enhance the CorOs 2.x search functionnality

While exploring CorOs 2.0 I noticed some strange things concerning search :thinking: :

  1. I searched for something, in the tabbed result, there was a number (6) close to the second tab , but when I navigated to this tab, there was nothing displayed (and I expanded the 3 collapsed groups)
  2. in another search, I found a specific capture but when I tapped on it , it goes to the Directory , showing nothing (I later found it was because of a previously applied filter on capture type .).

I undestand that keeping the previously applied filters in the directory is great, but if a search tries to select an item that is not visible because of the applied filter, it would be nice to either :

  • have an information message
  • prompt to reset the filter in order to display the searched items.
  • Better yet : temporarily ignore the current filter, in order to show the searched item. The filter should be maintained the next time the user if manually browsing the Directory.