Does QС work as a sound card in Linux?

Friends, if anyone has the opportunity to check if the device works in Linux, please let me know.

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Yes, it does:

I did not mean the internal OS of the device, but whether it works as a sound card on a PC running Linux

They do not have a Linux audio driver on the downloads page. They only have a PC driver currently. So no.

The presence of a driver in the download section is not at all necessary, for example, some of Line6 processors work fine in Linux, as well as the new Boss GT1000core (probably GT1000 too, but I have not seen evidence of this). According to NeuralDSP, QC is a USB audio compliant, this is enough for the device to work in Linux, however, verification is still required, because the protocols are not always implemented correctly. For example, the line of Helix processors does not tell the computer the sampling frequency at which the signal is digitized, and the enthusiasts had to write a small patch that tells the kernel to wait for a data stream of 96 kHz. For some time now, this patch has been included in the kernel, so at the moment Helix processors work in any Linux distribution out of the box.

I use Linux and the QC works just fine for me. It shows as both an input and output device. I’ve been sending audio streams to it to jam along with using the headphone out on the QC. I tried a test recording and the levels were low but it did work so I’ll have to play around some more.


Thanks! This is great news! I think a weak recording level is not an error, in Linux there are so many layers of abstractions available to the user, sometimes it is difficult to quickly find what creates a problem :slight_smile: