Display song lyrics

Hi all!

In my band I play the guitar but also sing backing vocals.

I’d be very happy to be able to use the QC’s display to see song’s lyrics that I’m about to sing.

My former singer had a setup of laptop + remote controller + PowerPoint slide per song to do this. Since QC has a built-in display, switches and presets - all of this is possible to implement.

I wouldn’t mind entering the words manually - but having the option to import them from my online profile would be great.

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can i get it to display tablature / music notation and also accept digital payment from the bar owner as well?

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Tabs/music notation? Sure, sounds cool and doable, why not. Displaying text should be easier to implement, though, as some text is already displayed as, for example, preset name.

See, the point I’m making is I could rename my scenes in Gig View to display the text I’m about to sing and it would kinda do the trick. But it is not the intended way, not very user friendly and barely usable.

Yes, theoretically possible, but Instead of trying to squeeze everything into your poor QC (and spend the whole evening squinting at the relatively small and distant QC display), I suggest you invest in a cheap 10-inch Android tablet and try a specialized piece of software (musician’s teleprompter / lyrics viewer). There’s a number of such applications; I actually built my own app called LivePrompter and I am giving it away for free - check it out on the Play Store

So no need to invest in a laptop and PowerPoint - a cheap Android tablet (or even your phone) can do teleprompter duty. And you can stick it on your mic stand so you can actually see it - instead of having to squint down at your feet where your QC sits.

BTW: it’s easy to “slave” LivePrompter to your QC via MIDI, so whenever you change to a different preset, LivePrompter will display the corresponding song. Or do it the other way round - whenever you go to a different song in LivePrompter, your QC will automatically be set to the correct preset.

Check it out - I think it is better to have the QC focus on its core capability - providing great guitar tones - and leaving other duties to specialists…




Interesting idea but using a tablet at close range sounds more functional and easier to see. I do wish the QC could do the dishes though… :laughing:

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ONSONG APP does that effectively and efficiently already.

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Not a bad idea. Sorta like a teleprompter. I’m not holding my breath though. Gonna keep relying on my good 'ol iPad.

Easy fix. Do as many hitmakers: Write lyrics that are so terrible, yet you can’t get 'em out of your head :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


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Well @mrgrinbo it’s certainly a far out idea, and I kinda like such unlimited visions. Got me visualizing anyway :pray:t2:. The only practical solution I can imagine is either in a bigband, classical orchestra, jazz- or flamenco ensemble where you sit down. Possibly with your music sheet stand in front of you (so the QC as a music sheet screen idea is not such a bad one either after all @DeadCircus :+1:t2:). Standing up, placed on fx the microphone stand, wouldn’t the QC be in the way? Difficult to keep eye contact with that beautiful fan of yours right in front of you, glaring lovingly :heart_eyes: at you and vice versa.:wink:

Maybe you’d need some kinda “alert” sign on-screen for when the text start rolling?

Did you find any other solutions for your needs?