Device lock: unable to access system

the Quad Cortex is a rather expensive and compact device, and therefore vulnerable to theft.
I don’t see this as a remote possibility at all, especially in live contexts, transportation etc.
Is it possible to implement a password in the power-on phase to access the device’s functionality?
If the password is lost, it can only be retrieved by e-mail, and it is impossible to reset the machine to bypass the password request.


i totally agree

i agree, bump this

Caveat: make this an optional feature. I don’t want to have to log in with my password every time I turn on my QC. And especially not in a live situation.


Absolutely, it has to be optional.
OR it could simply be a numerical code of 6-8 digit like the phone unlock: safe enough, simple enough

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i thought it was implied in the original but for sure i support it but it has to be optional hehe

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Great idea. Voted. (and yes, obviously optional)

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yes i think it must be made

Not a bad idea, though I do not see how it will prevent a QC from being stolen. My point is: many thieves will not know that the device has an access code (just because they don’t know the device, or because they don’t know if the owner chose to enable it). So, they will steal it anyways. Then, when they see that it is password protected, they certainly won’t give it back, they will just ditch it (and this is in the best case, worst case is that they do not even power it up, they sell it, and the next owner sees that it is password protected).

One thing that could be implemented is that after X wrong tries, the QC displays a message like “this QC has been stolen, please return it to blah blah blah”

Certainly, what you say is likely.
But if I cannot prevent the physical theft of the machine, at least I create a deterrent.
And in any case, the person who will buy the QC knows how it works; words of this feature will spread over time → will know that since it is definitely used (he is not buying it from the store, but from the private individual) it will have to be free of an account and will ask for proof of this before the purchase.
Useful certainly that after three attempts with the wrong password, access will be blocked, which can be restored only by proprietary email.


Is there not an option to report a QC as stolen in your account? So if they try to make an account on Neural, it’ll recognize the device serial number, etc?

I get having the option to add a password, but I don’t see why anyone would want it on during their live set in case something happens and the QC has to be restarted. So then, are you going to go back into the menu to turn the password on again after the set? Doesn’t seem realistic esp with quick set changes on package tours, etc.

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This. Seems that Neural already has the infrastructure for registry in place (to include wifi/bluetooth). If it was reported to them, could be nice access point to report location of item to the proper authority? Possible recovery?

I’d vote for this but I have no votes.