Device lock: unable to access system

the Quad Cortex is a rather expensive and compact device, and therefore vulnerable to theft.
I don’t see this as a remote possibility at all, especially in live contexts, transportation etc.
Is it possible to implement a password in the power-on phase to access the device’s functionality?
If the password is lost, it can only be retrieved by e-mail, and it is impossible to reset the machine to bypass the password request.


i totally agree

i agree, bump this

Caveat: make this an optional feature. I don’t want to have to log in with my password every time I turn on my QC. And especially not in a live situation.


Absolutely, it has to be optional.
OR it could simply be a numerical code of 6-8 digit like the phone unlock: safe enough, simple enough

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i thought it was implied in the original but for sure i support it but it has to be optional hehe

Great idea. Voted. (and yes, obviously optional)