DAW - Tempo automation playback/export system overload

Hello all,

I’m currently working on two tracks for my band, and one of the projects has tempo automation, not just a single sudden drop from BPM Y to BPM X, but as a linear gradient over time.

I’ve done this before with other Neural DSP plugins, but then I switched everything to Gojira and I suddenly have this issue.

When I playback as well as when I export a song with that tempo automation, I have a huge warp sound like the system is suddenly unable to cope with the amount of information. Actually, my DAW’s DSP usage shows normal usage to a sudden 100%. Even when switching to a high buffer size (> 1024 samples), the issue is still there.

I contacted NDSP’s support, they identified the issue and told me it was fixed - but to this day, no update was done on Gojira, it’s still v1.0.0.

I’m only using Bitwig 4.1.1, and have good computer specs (24 cores, 64 gb of ram, full ssd…).

Did anyone notice this glitch/artifact?

To reproduce:

  • use Gojira (fails with any number of instances)
  • write/use a riff, say from bar 1 to 5
  • add a tempo automation on bar 1, current tempo (ex: 120)
  • add a tempo automation on bar 5, another tempo below current tempo (110)
  • hit play
  • try changing the bpm’s value like much lower or higher

Audio example: Stream Gojira Glitch (tempo automation issue) by Ecllyps | Listen online for free on SoundCloud