Darkglass Ultra Preset Thread

Hey everyone! Here’s the thread where you share your presets for the Darkglass Ultra!

Here’s a preset that I used on a track I wrote that’s usually at the end of the videos. I used submission audio’s Eurobass 2 and the preset is for splitting the bass between driven top and clean, fat bottom. Compress the low and then eq the top to taste and you got a sweet tone!
Heavy - Rhy - Submission - Bot - Ophidian’s Reach.xml (2.0 KB) Heavy - Rhy - Submission - Top - Ophidian’s Reach.xml (2.0 KB)

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here is a scooped rock preset for a jazz bass.

Doki - Scooped Rock Bass.xml (2.1 KB)


Sounds great, @doki! What kind of bass did you use for this?

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thanks @steven! the bass was a fodera emperor 5 with swamp ash body, bolt on neck and 70s jazz bass pickup configuration.

here is something more clean and SVTish?! you may want to experiment with a 8x10 IR of your choice

Doki - Clean Rock.xml (2.1 KB)