Bigger icon for saving etc

Re the quad cortex the top right icon for saving, the one that can also switch scenes, stomps, presets imo needs to be bigger. It’s so tiny. Thank you.

this has been my only real problem with the unit



Right? You need to have precision, laser touch with hands the size of very tiny fingers. They just need to make it bigger. Pretty simple fix I’m assuming.


I just hope if they do in fact change the size of it that they do make it where its not OVERSIZED and accidentally pressed. I would like to see it bigger, but I also recognize the value of it not getting accidentally pressed. Please dont make it oversized / too easy to press by mistake

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Just a little bigger. It’s way too tiny. It’s just my opinion. They may not change it at all. Who knows.

I only have problems when I try to hide the CPU Monitor. I always have to try a lot of times. A little bigger would be nice.

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