Are QC backups viewable from web cloud?

I’ve linked my QC to the cloud (can download other’s presets) and have backed up my QC to the cloud from the My Account window by clicking Update. And I do see a Last saved date there. But when I log into the Cloud from browser I don’t see my backup listed under my profile. Should I be able to see backups in the cloud? If so, where?


Hi @ravejt, no you currently will not see your backup on the cloud website and or app. If you are signed into your account in the QC and backed up to the cloud, you will see that status of last saved backup with the date etc.

That would explain it, thanks. Is there anyway save my backups to my own computer? I’m guessing not. Hopefully that ability will come with the editor app. It would really be nice to have multiple versioned/named backups.

Not currently unfortunately but future updates may support multiple backups and I believe there are already future requests added for that feature.