Archetype Rabea Holdsworth

I’ve perfected my patches for Holdsworth tone.
Songs I’ve used as reference: Tokyo Dream, City Nights, Peril Premonition
I’m posting these patches on the forum for the Archetype Rabea plugin but there is a method to replicate Holdsworth’s tone on any setup.
The juice is all in the delay:
Immagine 2023-10-17 112524
As you can see, the Mix knob is at 50% and the Time knobs are all the way down; this creates a pseudo-chorus that makes the sound fatter and makes it iconic (make sure to cut the extra bass).
Same use of the delay on the clean tone but I’ve cut even more bass (personal preference)

I make the case that if you want to play legato like Holdsworth you dont have to use a Compressor; even though I still use it because, in the end, it makes me sound better (lol).
Im trying to work on a usable synth tone for some specific Holdsworth leads but it feels like I have to fight against the Overlord synth to make it work (Im not really enjoying my time with the synth tbh).
The zip file includes:
Immagine 2023-10-17 112037

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